Garden design for future robots

Now that you can buy garden pods in John Lewis, it’s definitely the future. Some of us may have fallen behind and be living in the past with old-fashioned flowerbeds etc. In which case you need to catch up quick by updating your garden design.
I’ve pointed out before that you’ll need an invisible shed.
Here are some other super-modern solutions to common problems.
1. Tiny plot
City gardens tend to be small, so consider extending upwards or downwards. You could try an underground lake, or planting vertically. Take a structure like this:
Plant strawberries laterally up the sides. Then slide down the chute with watering can in hand for efficient and fun irrigation.
2. Long, thin garden
Normal swimming pools simply waste space with unnecessary widths. If you’re someone who only swims lengths, consider installing a Swimming Trench.
However thin your garden is, you’ve room for one of these. And for all weather swimming, the addition of a polytunnel over the trench will mean you can grow tomatoes along the side.
3. Shady beds
Make the most of what you’ve got. If a dominant tree eg a leylandii is casting a shade over your plot, just use it to your advantage to add an extra ‘garden room’:
4. No garden at all
Don’t worry – in the future, even if you live in a tower block with no access to a lawn, you can still go camping:

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