The Monkey’s Bath

I found this book, Animal Sketches by C Lloyd Morgan, in a Norfolk bookshop. It’s written for children, although Morgan seems to be a respected psychologist. It has some interesting info, eg spiders prefer the colour red and are distressed by the smell of peppermint; oysters have moustaches as well as beards. But as usual I’m looking at the pictures (by W. Monkhouse Rowe):
Who knew larks had such deadly-looking feet? Some of the illustrations are pleasantly strange:

3 thoughts on “The Monkey’s Bath

  1. Stan

    These are lovely illustrations. I’m curious about the dark round mass behind the monkey crib in ‘After the Bath’. It looks like a giant mouse hole, or an interdimensional vortex, but I’m sure it’s something much more mundane.

  2. Emma

    It does look like a portal into another dimension of some kind.
    That’s the most likely thing, obviously, but it might be explained by a bit in the text, which says that Mr Wallace, pictured, ‘went so far as to make an artificial mamma for [the monkey he had become foster-father to] out of a buffalo skin made up into a bundle’. Doesn’t look very motherly but that might be it.

  3. Stan

    Possibly – unless the buffalo-skin mama is what’s draped over the side of the crib. The more I look at the dark mass, the more mysterious it becomes. It even has fingerprinty whorls. Maybe it’s just a shadow.
    Mr Wallace, meanwhile, appears to be sitting on an invisible chair. (I don’t mean to be critical; I really like these drawings, puzzling as they are.)

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