Sir Osbert’s Chicken

Hooray, the V&A have put more of their collections online, including objects that are in store, and it’s hard to know where to start, there’s so much good stuff. I like their theatre costumes, like the wolf from the Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty above, “devised by the great mask-maker Rostislav Doboujinsky”.
They include some designs by famous names, such as David Hockney, for The Nightingale at the Royal Opera House, and Gerald Scarfe, for Orpheus in the Underworld at the ENO:
I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, the dancer who had to wear this 1959 costume on the left, or the member of the Royal Ballet forced to dance in Sir Osbert Lancaster’s chicken costume in 1960:
Exploring throws up some strange comparisons – for instance, there’s a surprising similiarity between a Gilbert and Sullivan Queen of the Fairies and Maggie Smith’s costume as Lady Bracknell on the right:

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