Zadar Sea Organ


I was invited to contribute to Paul Ramsay’s Consemble sound/mail art project, which, as he points out, is doing its own bit to automate the creative process – leaving composers free to do the sort of things they do best.

His site also pointed me towards the amazing Zadar Sea Organ, an installation in Croatia that uses stone stairs on a seaside promenade as the pipes of an organ which is played by the waves. You can hear it in action here.

It seems that San Francisco and Blackpool also have sea organs, although I can’t find any recordings online – some comments suggest the San Francisco one may have become clogged up with sand and crabs. Quickly, San Franciscans – buckets and spades to the rescue!

3 thoughts on “Zadar Sea Organ

  1. Emma

    That’s so sad – as you say, gurgling away like that, compared to the Zadar one, it just sounds like plumbing gone wrong. Can’t someone fix it up?
    Great sound and pictures – I’m glad you’ve got the Sausalito hum, it’s even weirder when you see the context

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