So Sad and Alone, in his Little Glass Home

Strange how well animation and sweetly harmonising voices go together in these old 30s cartoons – I don’t know what could be more reassuring. Do you think Hugh Harman just determinedly waited for someone called Rudolf Ising to come along, or were they perhaps having a drink together one day when they went, Hey, hold on a minute…
This one is a sort of goldfish version of the Wizard of Oz – perhaps intentionally, since it came out in the same year.

4 thoughts on “So Sad and Alone, in his Little Glass Home

  1. jane

    Have you been to the Grant Museum of Zoology? Think it’s your kind of place – glass jellyfish and that kind of thing.

  2. Emma

    I’ve never even heard of the Grant museum for some reason – but since it looks like it has not only glass jellyfish but a giant insect collection it’s definitely my kind of place – thanks for the excellent tip

  3. Jane

    I went to the Grant Museum today and they even have glass SLUGS! A very interesting place with a lovely slightly eccentric volunteer in charge.

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