Sounds of the Thames


The part of Wapping where I occasionally have to go to work is typical of London in its squashing together of incongruous things. Wailing bankers mill around the bottom of the Lloyds building, Tower Bridge swarms with confused tourists – then on the other side of the river, beyond all the restaurants, there’s a completely different atmosphere.


It reminds you that being on a massive tidal waterway near an estuary, this bit of London is basically by the sea. It even smells of seaweed.


Tourist boats and speedboats go by, creating waves that clang the garden barges together, and geese fly overhead:


Small Londoners appreciate the wildlife:


Adult visitors have more important things on their minds – where to eat:


Of course, there’s no escaping the essential city sounds – ye traditional London surveillance helicopter, plus drills, sirens, planes and other people’s mobile phone conversations:



2 thoughts on “Sounds of the Thames

  1. Jane

    I love these film clips! These would make me so homesick if I didn’t live in London…being by the river is the best.

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