Marsh Sounds


Here are some sounds brought back from a misty Norfolk marsh in December. The wind in the dry reeds:


Ducks landing splashily, with shots just audible in the distance – perhaps some less fortunate ducks about to become Christmas lunch:



And a full-scale bird battle, with seagulls attacking ducks and getting the best of it at first, but gradually beaten back by force of numbers, with some crows calling from the sidelines – a sight so weird you might just be able to hear a whispered “Jesus” from the sound recordist:




5 thoughts on “Marsh Sounds

  1. JB

    Thank you for another fine posting – the sound quality seems very good; what equipment do you use? I’ve lived on the Norfolk Coast and appreciate the varied and beautiful landscape. I have been trying to think of the name of a Japanese film which features marshes very prominently – if I recall, eerie, dark, night time moonlit scenes of wind blown marshes. There is a tradition of making paper clothing in Japan – Kamiko & Shifu. Perhaps you are aware of this – if not this and other paper textiles might be of interest to you.
    Regards, JB.

  2. Maxwell and Myrtle

    These sounds are great – I specially like the bird battle noises. Saw a pigeon sitting in a puddle at St James’ Park yesterday and having a bath – wish I had recorded the sound now…very strange sight as it looked as if it was swimming.

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