There will be a short hiatus from the end of this week as I go off to Berlin and then a mystery island in the Baltic for a few days. I think the mystery island will take care of itself but any suggestions about interesting/strange/underrated places to visit in Berlin would be very gratefully received…

The New Way to Watch Television

I’ve linked to Speechification before – a way for people who like radio to find appealing programmes without having to wade through You and Yours and other horrors. Now Watchification aims to do the same for telly, featuring picks mainly from the BBC’s iPlayer and YouTube. I’ll be writing the odd post over there, so take a look if you’re constantly feeling that There’s Nothing On: there is, but you have to hunt for it.

Open House

Apparently January 10 was Delurking Day. I missed it, and anyway those demands by blogs for silent visitors to stop lurking and leave a comment make me a bit uncomfortable as a reader – as if I was innocently wandering through a landscape when suddenly caught in a gamekeeper’s headlights. So feel free to carry on quietly looking around. But comments are nice and I know a lot of people do wander through here, so please take this opportunity to make observations/suggestions/a small noise if you feel like it. More importantly – this site is fairly young but can I make a plea for people to remember to leave a reaction now and again when they visit their really long-lived favourites – because, as this recent post from the mighty Growabrain shows, the most established bloggers can stop feeling appreciated and they may not always be there.

Shackleton Foundation

Those interested in Antarctic exploration or just excitement in general should have a look at the Shackleton Centenary Expedition website. The descendants of the original Nimrod expedition team – including the IT department of this very blog – are going back to retrace and complete their ancestors’ journey to the South Pole. And they are setting up a foundation to help you do something equally bold.