More 55-word Stories


Another batch of microfiction commissioned for (see above).

The Day of Decision
Gillian was dragged into The Church of Strong Prayer to make up her mind one way or the other. This she found impossible due to the static electricity created by all the nylon dresses around her; but eventually, persuaded that her hair standing on end was a divine indication, she signed her own death warrant.

Concrete Paradise
The keepers in Ruskin Park conspired to keep their nocturnal activities under wraps. Anyone poking around after dark received a spade to the head or a worse surprise. When Hasan started working there things were already getting out of hand, but by the time summer came and the police turned up he was irrevocably sullied.

The Slippery Slope
The baldness epidemic was traced to the Burlington Clinic, where Pamela the nurse, a former prostitute with strong wrists, would pull the client’s hair to see if it was firmly attached. Her mighty tug left their scalps naked, and the authorities had no choice but to take her away in reinforced handcuffs for compulsory retraining.

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