I write comedy for BBC TV and radio, plus theatre, film, podcasts about dreaming robots and a strange blog. You can read and listen to some of my work below

  • rabbitpic


    A play about smart drugs, performed at the Etcetera Theatre, London

  • bosmina3


    Short film about a microscopist who falls in love with a miniscule woman

  • 2004.3.40

    Fed by Birds

    My art and ephemera blog at

  • camping

    Tent sketch

    A sketch about demonic tent assembly for Radio 4’s The Headset Set

  • amethyst2

    Bluebell FM

    Podcast: robots describe their dreams and share tips for efficiency

  • _66366769_66366767

    Telescope sketch

    A topical comedy sketch for BBC Radio 4

  • pulpcovertiny


    Story published in Allnighter, an anthology of underground fiction

  • Gavrilo Princip

    Monsters of the Forest

    A play about the teenage assassins of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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