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Apparently January 10 was Delurking Day. I missed it, and anyway those demands by blogs for silent visitors to stop lurking and leave a comment make me a bit uncomfortable as a reader – as if I was innocently wandering through a landscape when suddenly caught in a gamekeeper’s headlights. So feel free to carry on quietly looking around. But comments are nice and I know a lot of people do wander through here, so please take this opportunity to make observations/suggestions/a small noise if you feel like it. More importantly – this site is fairly young but can I make a plea for people to remember to leave a reaction now and again when they visit their really long-lived favourites – because, as this recent post from the mighty Growabrain shows, the most established bloggers can stop feeling appreciated and they may not always be there.

10 thoughts on “Open House

  1. peacay

    I think that some people set themselves up for disappointment if they count on having their spirits buoyed by regular comments. I tend to think actual (and particularly, regular) traffic, followed at a little distance by comments and citations is a more rounded way to navel gaze. But ultimately you ought to be doing this thang for yourself (yourself in the ‘we’ sense).
    Needless to say ma’am, I haven’t missed a post of yours for months and as I usually follow a whole lot of things via rss, it’s only occasionally that I actually make it through here to the site. You have a nice house and it makes me smile. Thank you.

  2. Emma

    I totally agree – and any image-heavy site doesn’t expect many comments anyway. Just seeing a regular stream of people trooping in is fine. But it struck me reading the comments to Growabrain’s post that lots of people felt they hadn’t anything interesting enough to say to leave a comment and so kept quiet – whereas he just wanted the occasional reaction in order to know what people were thinking.

  3. fillyjonk

    (Came over here from Lynn’s site..Violins and Starships.)
    I get few comments on my blog, as well. It is a little hard sometimes not to feel like the child on the dark, spooky corner of the playground, watching the “popular” kids have fun.
    (Yes, I realize it is one of my “issues” that I relate a lot of my adult emotional problems to having been an unpopular child).
    Then again – when I read the comments on some more popular blogs where the blogger talks about “I think I’m going to shut this down for now; I can’t spend the time on this” or “I need to go on hiatus” there seems to be a sense from some of the comments of “How dare you! We read you all this time, now you OWE us.” Even from people who maybe never left a comment before.
    I don’t really have anything else to say other than that people are odd, I guess.

  4. Emma

    I don’t think you should worry about it – a lot of it is due to the type of blog. Fashion sites for instance tend to get lots of comments but by all accounts a proportion of them are often pretty abusive, which I’m glad to say we don’t get in these parts (so far anyway).

  5. Jan

    Your blog is a gem. I don’t visit as often as I’d like to , but it’s such a pleasure when I do. I’ll keep lurking, please keep blogging.

  6. chai wallah

    I spent a while a couple of days ago searching for a prior comment which I clearly never got round to leaving. So here’s a doubtless inferior one: Hallo!

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