Ask an Astrobiologist

The Nasa Astrobiology Unit offers this useful service – submit your own, or browse other people’s astrobiological queries. An understandable note of exasperation seems to creep into the answers, as the astrobiologist in question is exposed to the full force of the public’s stupidity about his subject. In particular the endless drivelling questions about evolution (‘Are we from adam or are we from monkey? if we are somehow like a monkey why the other ones couldn’t be humans?’) and UFO conspiracies push the poor man to his limit:
‘Greetings, I cannot help but be skeptical of the govt’s ufo claim that they simply do not exist.’
Answer: ‘If you choose to disbelieve the opinions millions of experts, that is your choice. But then why do you take the trouble to write to “Ask an astrobiologist”?’
‘Sir the life on other plasnet also exista this has came became clear now by the video of aliens on the moon /why u hide these thinmgs from us’
Answer: ‘You are badly misinformed…’