Mannequin Facial Expressions

This site on the history of the mannequin has some interesting articles about the important if neglected subject of mannequin facial expressions through the decades. In the Twenties, popular styles were ‘a “bemused Matron,” a younger model with head tilted and lips pursed as if to say, “Kiss me you fool”, a moonstruck maiden and a woman with a slightly judgmental inhibited expression’. Men were even more striking: ‘Like Rudolph Valentino, their eyes were brought out with kohl, brows were emphasized and lips had a semi-bee-stung look. This held true for most male figures, even the faces of the more elderly.’

3 thoughts on “Mannequin Facial Expressions

  1. M

    Ooh ooh! Have you seen “Oh, Mikey!”? It’s an old Japanese show done with all mannequins. It’s incredibly strange. I found a clip on youtube:
    It’s not one of the best episodes (they’re only about 10 minutes and were part of a longer sketch show), but it gives you a good idea of the weirdness. Also, thanks for the great link to the history of mannequins!

  2. Emma

    I’d never heard of that – thanks! It really is weird… They’ve chosen their mannequins well, I think, particularly the pearly-toothed father

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