The Flying Wombat

The Young in Heart, 1938, as well as being a satisfying comedy about a family of spongers meeting their match in an innocent old lady, also features possibly the world’s best car showroom:
The Flying Wombat was actually the 1938 Phantom Corsair, a futuristic prototype designed by Rust Heinz, the ketchup magnate. It’s a beautiful-looking thing, but turned out not to be the car of tomorrow after all.
The film is bursting with up-to-the-minute Thirties style: a couple even have a date at Lubetkin’s modernist penguin pool at London zoo, which had opened four years before.

One thought on “The Flying Wombat

  1. peacay

    ‘Flying’ would be near the end of the list of adjectives I would choose to associate with wombat. Soft, cuddly, slow .. even docile, would be much closer to the mark. No wonder the car failed!

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