At work, typing


Really enjoying poking around the British Library’s UK Sound Map, where people all over the country can upload sounds from where they live. The most fascinating are the real local ones that capture an atmosphere, like the haunting Coryton oil refinery siren at Canvey Island, or the ‘Time and Tide bell’ on the Isle of Lewis, or ‘Dunrossness Croft House Shetland speaker’. Or ‘A lonely office’ near Peterborough, with just the sad sounds of a solitary chair squeaking and occasional pen scribble.

(On the other hand, can I tentatively suggest that people recording their own young children in their kitchen isn’t as interesting as they think it is? And I’d say they have enough trains…)


One thought on “At work, typing

  1. Anne

    How lovely. Funnily enough I did my work placement at library school in the National Sound Archive. They certainly do have enough trains!

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