Deckchair Day

Inspired by the recent enforced quiet in Britain caused by the volcanic ash, I have come up with a suggestion. One day a year when the whole world switches off its phone and lounges quietly in a deckchair at home. No planes, no cars, no DIY. Lazy people manage this quite well already, but their fun is always spoilt by busy types, banging or sawing or travelling about even when they don’t have to.
Allowable noise: birdsong, children playing (within reason), tea-sipping, page-rustling, bees buzzing (no wasps), cork-popping, chuckling at a remembered joke. No loud snoring, keyboard-tapping or annoying conversation – preferably no speech at all, apart from a whispered ‘thank you’ if someone hands you a piece of cake.
We’ll all be better for it, I promise. I suggest July 12, the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, a master of peaceful living. Let the preparations begin!

4 thoughts on “Deckchair Day

  1. fuchsoid

    What a lovely idea! I’m certainly prepared for it already. Perhaps it could be combined with the annual no-shopping day.

  2. Sera

    I, too, think this would make a lovely tradition! I quite covet an entire day in ANY chair (deck or otherwise) with my book and some silence! :)

  3. Stella

    Good idea! I will try and honor it.
    Btw, I love reading your blog, it reminds me of London and England.

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