Ness Battery

I came across these pictures of a visit to the abandoned Ness Battery on Orkney at BBC Scotland’s Island Blogging section. Blogger Stromness Dragon and a group of artists got to go inside this crumbling WWI military installation, where, among the rusty sheds and concrete bunkers, they came across these extraordinary paintings all over the walls of the mess hall, possibly done by the soldiers, depicting Arcadian scenes of rural English life: children in a forest, a gypsy caravan, a pub, a tea shop. The BBC Scotland site seems to be defunct now, but you can follow Stromness Dragon and the further story of the Battery here.

One thought on “Ness Battery

  1. fuchsoid

    Those pictures look as if they were done by a professional. My father was in the Navy in WWII, and he told me that “rose cottage” was the name given to the separate quarters anyone with VD had to stay in, so maybe the picture isn’t as innocent as it looks at first. He also said that VD cases had to use a separate, red-painted toilet cubicle at the end of the long row in the ship’s bathroom.

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