Happy Birthday Ronald Searle!

Ronald Searle is 90 this week and to celebrate, the Chris Beetles gallery in St James’s in London is showing an exhibition of his work, from rum adverts to Molesworth. Go if you can: you can only really see the beautiful intricacy of his illustrations when they’re full size.
If you want to see more, there’s another exhibition at the Cartoon Museum until July.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Ronald Searle!

  1. soubriquet

    I Haven’t been by for a while, you post some interesting stuff. My father met Ronald Searle whilst they were imprisoned in Changi jail in Singapore, back in the 1940s. Some of Searle’s drawings, made in the camp, were used to illustrate another prisoner of war, Russel Braddon’s book about their shared experiences, “The Naked Island”. My father had a number of books by his fellow prisoners, and that book is the first place I saw Searle’s work, I then learned to look for his more light-hearted drawings in “Punch”.
    Just found this:-http://ronaldsearle.blogspot.com/2007_09_01_archive.html

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