Women’s Christmas

January. Back to work, sleet and snow, Christmas trees are rotting on the kerb. It’s miserable – but this is because, in the UK at least, the festivals are so badly managed. Everything happens in autumn, then you’re left with nothing but a few pancakes to look forward to between now and Easter. Unless you really enjoy giving things up for Lent.
The answer is simple: create more. Or rather, because creating things from scratch is hard work and for mugs, dig up some obscure forgotten ones or steal them from elsewhere.
I suggest we start with tomorrow, which is apparently known in parts of Ireland as Women’s Christmas. Women have parties or go out to celebrate with their sisters, aunts etc, while men stay at home and do all the housework. And children give their female relatives presents. Ideal! Let the celebrations begin.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Christmas

  1. lily

    I agree! Oh do I agree (and as a damn yank at that). I fully intent to invite some ladies round for winter cocktails tomorrow eve! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Jenny Hammerton

    Stumbled upon your site whilst looking for confirmation that Rudolph Valentino wore kohl! Lovely site and LOVELY to discover what 6th January was meant for – Jenny x

  3. Janet

    I was in Dublin for the 6th but the weather conditions were such that we all were snowed or iced in.
    Janet in Seattle/Dublin or vice versa

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