Ask Fed by Birds

I can’t help noticing that the search terms that lead people to this blog are often in the form of questions. We hate to disappoint, so here are some of those questions answered.
1. Why birds stare at humans?
Because they do things like this:
2. How do marshes get fed?
Like this:
3. How to achieve best wardrobe?
Make everything bigger:
4. Who fed the birds on saturday nite?
He did (is that an egg?):
4. Knit new inoaktive?
I’m not familiar with an inoaktive: if, as I imagine, it’s something like this, then please don’t make any more:
And for the person who just wanted “fashion sternly”:

4 thoughts on “Ask Fed by Birds

  1. Stan

    Wonderful! Thank you. My first thought was that it wasn’t an egg but a potato, but that might just be because I re-read The Poor Mouth recently and it’s full of potato talk. If that is an egg, he’s holding it very strangely.

  2. Emma

    You might be right. I wouldn’t have thought an ostrich wanted to eat a whole potato any more than an egg – but looking at its neck, it seems to have already had three in quick succession..

  3. Stan

    It certainly seems to have eaten three of something in quick succession! But I have abandoned my potato theory and am now almost convinced that the object is an apple. The gentlemen in the final image have surely used all the potatoes to starch their trousers.

  4. settledown

    i’m with the apple theorist.
    i like the fact that the ostrich feeder’s expression is saying “you, big bird, are a disgusting idiot”, while seemingly failing to consider his own position in the whole shoving mystery food down the neck of a big bird situation.

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