47 thoughts on “Best Wardrobe of All Time?

  1. Andrea

    So beautiful! I wish I could wear those clothes without people thinking I was some weirdo although, that could have happened then too….hmmm.

  2. Emma

    Let them think it! Anyone who is freaked out by someone else’s choice of clothing isn’t worth paying attention to.

  3. Dolores

    It is interesting to go back in time. We can catch the essence of
    the people and time though photographs.

  4. fernando

    cross cultures, select from the styles of the ages…a lil’ flavor and texture…not a bad thing

  5. John McDonnell

    Wow. . . I love her sense of style. I wonder what she wore to just lounge around the house? You don’t see many people these days with this kind of a wardrobe. We could use a few more of Ruth today.

  6. sabka

    what lmao? These are just tweaked styles taken from other traditional cultures around the world, with a flapper twist. I can see how it’s “classy” or “glamourous” now but i mean, didn’t take a lot of thinking or creativity, just a lot of money and a little bit of worldly travel.
    That being said I would like to see her in lounge-everyday wear before I say it’s the best.

  7. Andrea

    I love the retro styles too. The work that went into making these clothes is incomparable to today’s rags.

  8. TLS

    Very inspiring! Hmm I definitely should take notes and acquire some of this into my wardrobe with an added twist, would love to see the reaction of today’s time and age.

  9. Ren

    Every decade has pioneers when it comes to fashions. Personally I can’t say that this was the best wardrobe of all time. What I can say that some of the costumes Ruth wore at the time definably made some heads turn.

  10. muunlitr

    I absolutely love, love, love this style and she is beautiful. You can’t help but wonder about the colors, materials, workmanship. I only wish that the designers were mentioned. The closest we have today would be Valentino. If you want to see more theatrical designs, you might check out the fabulous Leon Bakst!

  11. Stile

    Great style. People should have fun with the clothes they wear. Otherwise you become a prisoner of conformity. In other words, love what you wear!

  12. ladycakes

    Its such a shame things ared nit made liked that any more and i just dont have the time boooooooooo X

  13. Anonymous

    INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like she went to india and jacked all our cool fashion sense :o)

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