Innovative Knitting

Anyone with any sense likes to knit, and one of its greatest pleasures is discovering new and strange ways of doing things. Designers such as Sandra Backlund (above) are currently pushing knitwear into all kinds of unexpected directions, but even among the V & A’s store of wartime knitting patterns you can find small innovations, like the ears-free balaclava – ideal for mobile phone addicts in cold climates:
Or to be really modern you can always extend who you knit for – how about trees:
(Janet Morton, via)
Or giants:
(Christien Meindertsma)

4 thoughts on “Innovative Knitting

  1. Pansy Cradledew

    Very inspiring stuff, indeed! For the benefit of non-needle people, the second image from Sandra Backlund and the tree cosy are both crocheted rather than knitted — and beautiful examples of the slightly different qualities you can achieve by using a different technique!

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