Sounds of Brighton Pier


The important thing on a Monday morning is to keep an open mind. So when you’ve set off to do some work, and a voice in your head says, “But the sun’s shining. Why not go to Brighton instead?”, maybe you should listen. After all, you can write on a beach just as well as in a library, can’t you? (No.)


What I like about Brighton pier is that it has its brash sections:


and it has gentler sections, where people sit each side of the glass partition and gaze out to sea:


At the very end you have the rides:


This is the sound of the rollercoaster above. The squeaks you hear are a group of teenage boys, trying to maintain their cool and not quite succeeding:


Sadly Ivor wasn’t in evidence, but he has an impressive list of corporate clients.

But of course the best sounds are these: