The Dandies of Lowestoft

Listening to the Radio 4 programme Making History I came across the story of the Dockside Dandies, trawlermen in Lowestoft, Suffolk, in the 1960s who for some reason no one can quite fathom developed a localised craze for dressing up in the most exotic and flamboyant way. Artist Peter Wylie has been investigating the phenomenon, and the Lowestoft Journal has more on the story:
“I remember suits of red, bright yellow, lime green, tartan and one lad was said to have had one made out of curtain material (flower patterned). Collars and cuffs were often a different colour to the suit… When you include the trend for wearing earrings – some with miniature anchors or port and starboard lights hanging – you can imagine what a colourful scene when a group of these ’48-hour millionaires’ got together when they came in from sea.”